Dukkha's Nemesis

Little Buddha

Patty Morris
Patty Morris And Dukkha's Nemesis


Miles, Down the Road was for James, 65 Roses for Ali, so I had to dedicate a song to their little sister, Gabrielle, right? Like many a youngest child, Gabe was known throughout the family and friend circles as a naturally born "old soul". She just had a sense of who she is and what she stands for from the start, as well as a great ability to live life with humor, wisdom, and spirit. So, here's to Gabe, our Little Buddha. This song also lent itself well to a cartoon version, hence the video (available on the full length Dukkha's Nemesis CD as a special CD-ROM animated feature):


Little Buddha

What you thinkin'

You just seem to know what to do

For some reason

You were born with the light

Your smile sends it shining through


Call it wisdom

Or an ancient soul

Everybody knows it's true

That it's more than your magnetic personality

That draws everybody to you


I know I'm asking

Too many questions

Instead of just living my days

But there's so many roads

I don't know which one to take

Little Buddha always knows the way


Little Buddha

Got a smile on your face

And a simple song inside your heart

Every time I see my road coming to an end

Your eyes see a brand new start 


Tell me, Buddha,

What makes you so sure

The sun's gonna dry up my tears

You're far too young to know the ways of the world

But you're wiser than all my years


I know I'm making

A simple life

Harder than it has to be

For every door that's locked tight inside my mind

Little Buddha holds a magic key

Little Buddha gonna give me the key

Laugh, Little Buddha, run free


(c) 2008 Patty Morris