From the recording Dukkha's Nemesis

As a get mad and ask questions later Irish kinda gal, I've struggled long and hard to find peace within in the hopes of more consistently offering peace to others. Too bad one of the very things that makes me maddest is war and the events leading up to wars (including ego trips and illegal executive actions). So, how do you stay peaceful when you feel anything but peaceful about the state of things out of your control? I guess the Buddha would remind me that there are so many abilities I have within to choose peace that worrying about what I can't control isn't exactly conducive to peace. I do think, though, if you're going to get angry (and who doesn't?), that you may as well use it for something productive, like protesting the machine that willfully concocts war, spitting out the bones of "casualties" as fast as it chews up the loved human beings comprising those "casualties".


I'm just an old hippy
Believe in Peace
Never hurt noone
I believed in Peace
I'm just an old soldier
Don't carry no gun
Won't stop waging Love
Til the Wars are done
Stop! Sending rocket ships
Up to the moon
Babies are crying
And dying
Too soon
It's funny but money
Don't appeal to me
'Cause money don't make you
Believe in Peace
Believe in Peace
Believe in Peace
I'm just an old hippy
Making Music and Love
Don't wear no pearls
Sure don't own no white glove
I don't know where I'm headed
But there's one thing I've found
If Love is your Compass
You're homeward bound
If I could buy up the Moon
Well, I think I'd just pass
When I look at who's First
Guess I'd rather be Last
It's Flowers not Power
That appeals to me
'Cause Power don't make you
Believe in Peace
Believe in Peace
Believe in Peace
I'm just an old hippy
I believed in Peace
Never meant no harm
I just believed in Peace
Believe in Peace
Believe in Peace
(c)2008 Patty Morris