Dukkha's Nemesis

Dukkha's Nemesis emerged from:

* a KID


who sang a lot  (in her head and out loud, too)


and read a lot

and later wrote songs about stuff that

gnawed  (like earth-trashing and other greed-driven un-nice un-necessaries); or inspired 

(like equality, and other love- injected fragments of enlightenment);

and songs about relationships and choices of the best and worst kinds;


still later, the now big KID sang                                                 

 blues and rock on New England stages

 but wasn't content:

  she wanted to DO something about the                

 EFFED UP stuff going on in the world

  and at least express her concerns, using multi-genred ORIGINAL music                          

 and maybe a bit of visual art, too (like dukkha-wrestling

red clay man here):


* and, later, her KIDS -

who also sang lot  (mostly out loud,

     but also in their heads;

 you could kind of

 see it happening)  


 ... and grew up singing even more,

and the big KID's son learned to play

    the trumpet, and write, and


  ...all quite exquisitely 


* AND, finally, Dukkha's emerged from collaborating with the big KID's grown-up kids' FRIENDS, who also happened to grow up to be amazingly talented musicians, having studied and worked with jazz greats including Joe Lovano, Bob Mintzer, and Marcus Miller; hell, Adam's even touring with Ludacris. Check some of the guys out at:

Adam Agati, guitar: adamagati.com

Nick Falk, drums: digtherigs

Joe Albano, sax: Albanothemadman

Bryan Frates, backup vocals: BryanFrates