Dukkha's Nemesis

Patty Morris

Singer songwriter mom, her baby girls (vocals) and son James Donahue join guitarist Adam Agati (Ludacris, Marcus Miller) and drummer Nick Falk (The Rigs) for inventive funk jazz blues CD. At least 10% of proceeds go to cure cystic fibrosis.

Members of Dukkha's Nemesis have shared the stage with legends including Wynton Marsalis, The Yellowjackets, Hal Crook, Dave Zinno, Joe Lovano, Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck, JD Steele, Ludacris, and Marcus Miller. The extensive influences of jazz, rock, hip hop, funk, blues, soul, R&B, reggae, gospel and alternative are evident in this unique cross-generational project. Profits help fight cystic fibrosis, a chronic inherited genetic condition which causes lung function decline and too often early death for those afflicted. Patty's daughter Ali (vocals on "Blind" and writer of "Jackie Was Cry'n") is a beautiful, busy, creative, funny, "normal" (hahahaa!) young woman who happens to be genetically coded with CF. We'd like to re-code that part of her, and only that part of her, by curing CF before CF steals her health. The Buddha understood long before CF was a known entity: life is suffering, but there is a pathway to enlightenment and joy.

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