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— James - trumpet, writer, arranger

Adam now tours with Ludacris and, alternatingly, with jazz great Marcus Miller. Not only a globally in-demand guitarist, Adam has a brain on fire with creativity. Watch for his upcoming releases, in collaboration with the likewise gifted James and Nick.                Photo (original, top left) by Bogna Kajdanska  Puff, Puff, Puff... London Jazz Fest YouTube (with Marcus Miller) Washington Post    ”

— Adam Agati - guitar, writer, arranger

Patty Morris is the epitome of blue-eyed soul." - JD Steele of The Steeles (Gospel) Music I let the whole band listen on the way home from Bonnaroo. It's's time." - Ric Jaz Hall of the Buddy Guy Band”

— Patty - vox, writer, arranger

Nick's a Thelonious Monk scholar, and has toured globally, playing, teaching rhythm to and learning the rhythms of the world.    His new band, The Rigs, has a CD due out soon. Puff on this: The producer is Oliver Wood of the Wood Brothers. That's puff you can dig on, right? More puff to follow. Meanwhile, follow the rigs at   ”

— Nicholas Falk - drums