From the recording Dukkha's Nemesis

The title song, Dukkha's Nemesis, emerged from Patty's skull when James said, "Mom, have you even got a title song?" Guess I was thinking of all the stuff I've been reading and absorbing for years about Buddhism, cyclical existence (samsara), highest enlightenment (anutarasambuddha), together with the reality of suffering in western culture stacked up against the widespread lack of ability to deal with it, grow from it, and relegate suffering to just one corner of our existence. That sorta thing. And, Gabe and I (back when she was still Little Buddha rather than Big Buddha) had long since worked out the opening riff, just messin' around and changing the tune of supercalifragilistic in the car a few school mornings. Anyway, when we needed the title song to appear, it did; then it squished out through the fissures in my cranial casing, landed in a claylike lump at the feet of James and Adam, then molded skillfully in their hands into a piece of audible art. 


 Tick Tock Timekeeper
Rippin' rockin' Skinbeater
Minute minute
Nanosecond to none
She gotta bad temper
And even badder tempo
As she tries to keep the Time
But it's always on the run
There's a
Universal Metronome
I betcha know my rhythm, don'tcha
Keep it steady, won'tcha
'Cause it's runnin' too erratic
Try'n to
Beat back the rhythm of the rain
It's mesmerizing
Beat the pain
It's agonizing
Beat desire
It's tantalizing
Beat the aching
Beat the hunger
Beat the bottomless...
Beat the Time
It's the rhythm of your Life
Life is Dukkha
Dukkha's Life
Life is Song
Song is
Dukkha's Nemesis...
(C) 2008 Patty Morris