1. It's Time

From the recording Dukkha's Nemesis

The ticking clock theme continues in "It's Time", lyrics for which I wrote years and years ago as a young woman. Having grown up in a chaotic environment as one of ten siblings, "childhood Patty" learned to race the clock above all: race through meals or someone else eats it, race through school assignments or there might not be another quiet moment to grab for hours or days, race from school to your babysitting jobs or you might not earn enough change to buy a new outfit to replace the hand-me-downs. MUCH later, I learned that all I was getting from my racing was anxiety, still prevalent in my life but less in control of me as I've learned to acknowledge its roots. But at the time of writing "It's Time", I was struggling against a sense of sadness and heightened anxiety over relationships, career choices, and a constant shadow of emptiness. So, It's Time is, well, a Time piece, a legitimate observation about Time, Love, Leaving Love, Time Passage, Reclaiming Love, and ultimately Claiming Self and Happiness. Peace - Patty


It's Time To realize where we been Where we are It's Time this Time
It's Now No waiting for tomorrow and sorrow It's Now It's Now
Two kids we been great lovers That I must say
But Lover this Mother Can't live for yesterday 
It's Time I'm leaving for the City It's there It's Time it's Time
It's blue The glitter isn't here I was wrong It's blue It's blue
No You I left myself behind There's no Life No Dreams No You
I left to chase the music That seemed far away
But our heartbeats Not drumbeats Were sweeter once to play
It's blue The heart that housed my own isn't here
It's You It's Blue
It's Time To pick up all the pieces To begin again It's Time
It's Now How Could I be so wrong We belong together Now
I once lost my direction But this much I know
As long as you need me Again I'll never go
It's Time, My heart has found its home
In your Love In You It's Time
This Time It's Time
It's Time, This Time
Baby It's Time
(c) Patty Morris 2008