1. Miles, Reprise

From the recording Dukkha's Nemesis

All of Dukkha's Nemesis, the CD, was pulled off this way: Patty wrote lyrics with melodies over the years, her kids grew up and so did their friends, they had morphed from snotnoses to incredible musicians, they agreed to work with Patty's acapella-sung-into-good-old-tape (yup, tape) tunes, they molded them into fine arrangements, they all went into the studio and cranked out a recording. Miles, Down the Road came out great - two different ways! Meaning, James arranged Miles, Down the Road, the earlier track on this CD (with vocals); Adam arranged Miles as well, and his guitar version was so gorgeous on its own that Patty decided it HAD to be on the CD, too. So, here it is. As "Miles, Reprise". Though it's really not a reprise at all. It's its own thing.