1. Wait A While

From the recording Dukkha's Nemesis

Wait a While is the title, so see how the Time theme continues here? Or the frustration over the perception that time passes too quickly, yet never quickly enough when we're waiting for something. The "something" may be worth waiting for, but more often we're imagining we "need" "it" (a thing, a status, an accomplishment) when, in fact, we already have everything we really need. So, Wait a While is more exploration of impatience and suffering brought on by the way we choose to perceive time, waiting, needing, so it's an exploration of what the Buddha reflected on over 2000 years ago. If this CD's title song "Dukkha's Nemesis" is about the Buddha's observations that Ignorance, Greed/Desire, and Malice are the roots of our suffering, then I suppose "Wait a While" is a description of what it feels like to be stuck in the Ignorance and Desire cogs. But the song is also a recognition that the waiting and the feelings about it pass, and that awareness is enough to look ahead to blue skies. So awareness, as Buddha observed in his teachings, provides a key to unlock oneself from the cycle of suffering our perceptions often trap us within.


Wait a While Just a While
The hardest thing sometimes to do
Wait a while Just a while
No reason for feeling blue
Blue skies may open up
To clouds that seem forever
Things may turn out beautiful
If you wait Just you wait If you wait
Just a while
Wait a while Just a While
Good things may yet come
Come to your Destiny
If you wait Just you wait
If you Wait
Just a While!
(c)2008 Patty Morris